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Onsrud Cutter Router Bits - Tool Selection

Onsrud Cutter Router Bits - Tool Selection

Tool Selection:
Tool Material
Flute Geometry
Number of Flutes

Tool Material

HSS: High Speed Steel, Typical applications in Non-Abrasive Plastic, Solid Wood & Aluminum where keen edges perform best. High Speed Steel tools perform well in hand routing applications where a tough core is necessary to prevent tool breakage.

Carbide Tipped: Used for a variety of applications in composite woods, hardwoods, abrasive plastics and composites plastics to hard aluminum. Limited by geometry in some applications due to the brazed nature of the tool. Carbide Tipped tools work well in hand routing applications due to the tough HSS core and hard carbide cutting edges.

Solid Carbide: Typically used for widest variety of applications including man-made board, solid wood, abrasive plastics, and some aluminum's. Solid Carbide does not deflect allowing the tool to be fed at higher feedrates than PCD or straight insert cutters decreasing cycle times. s typically. Solid tools also have major edge keenness advantage thought only possible in HSS until a few years ago.


Flute Geometry

Straight Flute - Offers a neutral cutting action - highest force

Upcut Flute - Provides the best surface finish and allows for good chip extraction. May cause part lifting if vacuum or fixturing is not sufficient

Downcut Flute - Provides a downward force which helps eliminate part lifting. Chip rewelding may occur if there is no space below the part for chip expansion

Compression - Used for laminated materials, produces a good top and bottom finish on the part


Number of Flutes

Single Flute - Allows for larger chiploads in softer materials

Double Flute - Allows for better part finish in harder materials

Multiple Flutes - Allows for an even better part finish in harder materials

Note: As the number of cutting edges increases, your feed rate should increase to prevent burning and premature tool dulling





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